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OKAY, Hightstown High School, now you know what happens when you vote… - Hightstown, NJ

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October 8th, 2004

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02:38 pm
OKAY, Hightstown High School, now you know what happens when you vote for NADER - BUSH gets elected!!! I KNOW KERRY is not GREEN enough, but he is the greenest candidate with a chance of getting elected - and BUSH is BROWN - you know, that really dark disgusting brown you get when you fill a paper bag with crap and then set it on fire. I'm really proud of you for believing in what Nader believes in, but PLEASE - it is time for a reality check! If you are old enough to vote in NOVEMBER, please don't throw your vote away.

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Date:October 20th, 2004 04:04 pm (UTC)
http://www.votepair.org/ Votepair - Uniting Progressives Through Strategic Voting.

If you'd like to vote for Nader, but live in a swing state in which "A Vote For Nader Is A Vote For Bush," then just go to VotePair.org and agree to swap your vote with a Kerry voter from a non-swing state.

You'll be able to help your state go Kerry, while also helping Nader get the precious five percent! (but using votes in states that are already "in the bag")

See, isn't everything better when we don't fight?

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